This page features web designs and User Interface designs created with Illustrator, Photoshop Dreamweaver and Flash Fireworks.


iMac Mockup_nkoh_full

Na Kamali’i O Hawai’i

This 17 page website was created during Jairian’s Survey of Multimedia class.  The website is about the Hawaiian culture, language, history, and their and health status’.
Programs used:
AdobeDw_red_circle AdobePs_red_circle



REKT was created as a part of a web interface design project for a design class.  What started as a class assignment soon turned into a working project which is currently being programmed for release. REKT is a party finder app directed towards college students.  Pictured above is a few of the app’s screens.

Programs used:
AdobeAi_red_circle AdobePs_red_circle AdobeAe_red_circle

iMac Mockup_replay  


This website was created to represent a fictitious restaurant and sports bar. Jairian was in Charge of creating a restaurant, it’s services, and its menus and to create a website for it.

Programs used:
AdobeAi_red_circle  AdobeDw_red_circle