Education And Coursework

The following shows a list of some of the courses taken by Jairian at the University of La Verne as well as the description of each course.

Journalism 317: Graphic Production Processes and Design for Publication

    Through this course students learned principles of graphic design and production techniques for printed media. They gained design experience in display ads, poster and magazine layout, brochures, logotypes, and letterheads using programs like Quarkxpress, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Journalism 318: Survey of Multimedia

    Students examined the impact of digital news media on modern communication and critically evaluated digital media content and design.  They also learned the fundamentals of creating web pages using HTML coding and Dreamweaver as well as adding creative content using Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash Fireworks.

Journalism 319: Designing Multimedia Web Pages

    This is a more complex, and in-depth course on creating web pages and is set-up to prepare students to work professionally in web design.  For this course we are using Dreamweaver to create our web pages and programs like Photoshop, Flash Fireworks,  and Illustrator to add other content.

Journalism 408: Advanced Media Design

    This course explores advanced media design solutions for print, web through independent project design and research using programs like InDesign, Quarkxpress, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

Radio 426: Radio Station Operation

Advanced positions and responsibilities in operating campus radio station.

Journalism 100: News Reporting

    This class deals with the fundamentals of news writing and reporting. Students were also taught methods of gathering and writing information from the news.

Journalism 330: Theory and Principles of Public Relations

    This class teaches techniques used and purposes of Public Relations for industry, business, educational institutions,public agencies and other organizations. Students studied current events and their relation to public relations and how certain situations should and shouldn’t be handled. They also practiced public relations through things like writing press releases and planning events.

Theater 311: Oral Communications

    Students practice impromptu and prepared speeches and interpretation of literature. This course also teaches exercises in breathing, relaxation, voice projection, and articulation.

Art 211: Art History Foundation: Renaissance through Contemporary

    Students in this class survey art history from Renaissance through today. They covered major monuments and basic tools of visual analysis. Students studied art in depth and analyzed meaning and techniques with the art.